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About Us

Entertainment that educates

Beauty in Black

Edtrivia is a media and entertainment company that celebrates the creativity and experience of people of African descent. 

Publishing House

We publish children’s books, music compositions, and screenplays.

Music Production

We are a music label for Afrokids, Afropop, and Afrofusion music.


We also make animated films, music videos, and short films. 


We have a simple goal at Edtrivia. We wake up every day with a renewed commitment to build beauty in black through books, beats, and bits (short film).  We do this by working with exceptional artists and creatives to produce entertainment that educates through the medium of the black experience.


We look forward to a world where children, youth, and adults of African decent have no lack of meaningful entertainment media (written, audio, and visual) that reflects  their ideas, culture, and experiences – and shares them with the world. 

Entertainment that educates


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